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Live streaming media video host software. live streaming webcast software is a 2 way videochat software system that runs on your server where chathosts broadcast to the server from anywhere an internet connection is available via the branded video capture client software provided with the system. Fast fluid synchronized audio, video,, and chat present your customers with a unique enjoyable experience.

Start your own online webcam business with live video server software.

Everyone has a different idea for their internet business...To develop that business to the fullest a company needs a solution that can be customized and molded to fit their specific needs. live webcast software has been developed as an extremely customizable (via the A.P.I. and database/ live pay per view videochat solution. This means you can configure the system to expose your specific business logic and plan. You can create unique features specific to your business model. You you can provide customers with an enjoyable webcam chat experience that they will return to again and again. Content is indeed king, and presentation is the throne it sits on!
Full screen video, fast synchronized audio, video, and chat, basic to complex reporting, logging, and pay stats, extensive anti-fraud, geospecific aware, and easy to use administrative tools via the web page console enable you to concentrate on running a business instead of wasting time and effort on technical issues.

*(Conservative) numbers to consider:

  1. $32.00 is the average viewer purchase.
  2. $2.49 per minute is the average per minute fee.
  3. 12.8 minutes per pay per view session.
  4. 30% of those viewers leave one pay per view session and enter another.
  5. 18% of viewers will make a second purchase within less than 24 hours.
  6. 27%% of viewers will make a third purchase within less than 48 hours.
  7. $67% of viewers are 2x repeat customers.
  8. 42% of viewers are 3x plus repeat customers.
  9. 67% of viewers are repeat customers.
  10. 42% is average chathost payout.
  11. 3% is average streaming video host fees.
  12. 15% is average 3rd party processing fees.
  13. 5% is average merchant account and processor fees.
  14. 40% is average videochat business Net profit.

* Assumes buy points of $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, or $100.00
*Assumes average datacenter server:bandwidth fees.

Need more numbers?

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